Here is a great little Diy activity to do with your kids for the weekend, can be great fun for adults and learning for kids. and the best part is there is no fancy tools or gadgets required just household stuff all of us are likely to have around our homes. So let's get started Stuff requires.

Materials reqiured

  • Pair of scissor.
  • Pen or marker.
  • Few walnuts.
  • paints (poster or water colours work great).
  • Paint brushes.
  • Gluestick.
  • Cardboard.

Crack open the walnuts making sure to get two intact halves, now starts the fun. paint your favorite color on the shells this is going to be the shell of our tortoise

Now Paint the pattern on the tortoises shell

Once the paint dries place our painted shell on a piece of cardboard and trace the outline of the shell

Now we have the outline traces we need to draw the limbs, tail and the head of our tortoise

Now with a pair of scissors cut the drawn outline from the cardboard

Now with a pair of scissors cut the drawn outline from the cardboard

We are almost there now applying glue stick the shell to the outlined cardboard piece

We have our very own little tortoise now you can stick a little magnet on the underside and there we have it

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